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I had such a great experience at Hunter Auto Body. They were great about informing me about what needed to be done correctly with my repair. The timely matter in which the car was finished was quite impressive. They kept me up to speed every step of they way. The attention to detail was really impressive. And the final product speaks for itself…just like new and undetectable. Awesome job Hunter Autobody!!!!!!!

- Russ Butler

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Dearest Jack & Ryley,

This thank you is certainly insufficient for what you did for me yesterday. Repairing the underside of the wheel well. I really dont know how to describe it better! Nonetheless, you were EXTREMELy busy, but your “bedside” manners were simply marvelous! You took time for me when there were so many more urgent jobs than mine. You were so very patient with all those passing through your door and those with whom you spoke on the telephone. I was amazed and very impressed! thank you so much for being the business of not only doing the jobs but doing each one as though it were the only one there. You are wonderful!

I’ve never been sorry that approximately 6 years ago when I went looking for a body shop, and discovered Hunter Auto Body. I later highly recommended this shop to my son and daughter-in law(Infiniti people). Jack, you are a wonderful artist. Thank you for your business!


Karen Scott

- admin

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Just a quick thank you to you and your employees for the great job on my Z28(My baby), ha! Also, for going out of your way to deal with the insurance and adjusters. You went above and beyond, and its greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Stephanie T.

- admin